Reflexology is a natural way to use massage on stress points on the feet to relieve discomfort and pain. Now, many parents are turning to the method to relax their crying babies.

Experts say there are six ways to use reflexology on infants.

The first step to making a fussy baby happy is to encourage blood flow with a warm bath or foot rub. Then, you can focus on the pressure points that relieve these common issues.

1. Teething pain

If teething is causing headaches and mouth pain, rub the tips of baby’s toes.

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2. Sinus pressure

Sinus pain and pressure can be relieved by rubbing the undersides in the center of the toes.

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3. Chest congestion

Coughing and congestion can be miserable for babies.

Help them feel better by applying gentle pressure in a circular massaging motion on the balls of their feet, between the toes and arch.

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4. Stomach aches

For an upset tummy, find the center of the foot where the arch begins and massage gently.

This part of the foot is connected to the solar plexus–the area between the lungs and stomach.

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5. Abdomen pain

For all other kinds of upper and lower abdomen pain, like constipation, heart burn and indigestion, massage the foot between the middle and pads.

To help with gas pains, rub between the middle of the foot and the heel.

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6. Hip and pelvis pain

Growth spurts can cause pain for baby in their pelvis and hips.

Massaging their heels may make them feel better.

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While these reflexology tips can help, you should always consult your child’s pediatrician about any pain issues, especially if they are severe.

But any time your baby is feeling fussy, annoyed or experiencing discomfort, give reflexology a try. Millions of people around the world find it works for them, so why not?

Have any of these techniques ever worked for you? Let us know in the comments!