Hey, let’s look at this as a great bonding experience…or something like that, right?

Okay, we all know it’s a tough time, but we’re going to get through it and we’re gonna laugh while we’re locked down, dammit!

If you’re stuck at home with children, these posts will speak to your soul…good luck, my friends…

1. And this was only Day 2…

2. You’ve been discovered by those peeking eyes.

My son discovered that I’m not really at work, but am working from home from r/aww

3. That looks ominous.

Day 10 of quarantine. I think my kid is up to something. from r/oddlyterrifying

4. The whole house is now a fort.

Schools and sports are cancelled. Social distancing. I have three kids. Our cozy fort. from r/CozyPlaces

5. It is not going good…

6. The TV is broken. Now you’re screwed.

Day 2 of 6 week break and my kid already broke our tv from r/KidsAreFuckingStupid

7. Getting a lot of work done?

8. Now that is a disaster.

9. Roller boogie!

10. Might need to get a substitute.

Maybe I shouldn’t have outsourced my homeschooling… from r/funny

11. He’s making you look bad.

12. This graph sums it up.

Tolerance from r/funny

Okay, parents, we want to hear from you.

How are you holding up being locked down with your kiddos?

Are they behaving? How are you keeping them occupied?

Talk to us in the comments!