There’s no such thing as perfect, that much I know to be true. That means there’s no such thing as perfect looks, a perfect body, or a perfect LIFE. But people out there on Instagram and Facebook sure try to convince us otherwise, don’t they?

Here are 15 examples of how people really, really tried to portray a life other than their own…

Bottom line: don’t compare yourself and your life to people you see on Instagram and other social media outlets.

1. This is kind of sad.

Posted VS tagged. She is always making her waist tiny and editing her arms to create a muscular build. from Instagramreality

2. You don’t even have to leave your couch.

Why travel when you can Photoshop! from Instagramreality

3. He looks remarkably dry.

when it’s “raining” but not enough to make your hair wet from Instagramreality

4. Legs for days.

This girl creeps me out from Instagramreality

5. I’m blind!

teeth brighter than my future from Instagramreality

6. Doesn’t even look close to real.

Wow.. just wow. from Instagramreality

7. Not sure what’s happening here.

bro what from Instagramreality

8. The same person, apparently.

instagram vs court date from Instagramreality

9. Photoshopped to the extreme.

y’all wanted more, but then i noticed… her face almost looks exactly the same in every picture??? weird. from Instagramreality

10. It works with landscapes, as well.

It’s not just bodies and faces that get tune-ups on Instagram from Instagramreality

11. Doesn’t really work, does it?

Kylie Jenner (same day on Instagram vs on TV) from Instagramreality

12. An alien from outer space?

Excuse me what… from Instagramreality

13. Isn’t that the worst?

Australian pizza shop. Instagram vs my order tonight. from Instagramreality

14. Wow. That’s very bizarre.

Instagram vs video. Sorry its hard to take a good screenshot of the video but you get the point from Instagramreality

15. Yikes. Okay, I think that’s enough.

What is with this trend of trying to look like an alien? from Instagramreality

Pretty interesting, right? We live in strange, strange times, my friends.

Do you have any examples of this phenomenon? Share them in the comments, please.