I said no onions!

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But did this guy act like a jerk for feeding his daughter onions?

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AITA for feeding my daughter onions?

“My ex likes to tell me what I should and shouldn’t do on my custody days, and I generally ignore her, because there is a reason we divorced.

She has a list of food she doesn’t want our daughter to eat, and I don’t pay attention to her list. I drop our daughter off at school Monday mornings, and her mother picks her up. She called me yesterday to say she was cleaning our daughter’s lunchbox and found onion slivers and asked if any of the lunch I packed her had onions.

I said yes, it did. She said that onions were on her list. I said I didn’t care. She said onions make our daughter smell bad when she sweats and kids will bully her. I said that at my house our daughter showers, and she might try that at her house as well.

She called me a spiteful p**ck and told me no more onions. Our daughter likes onions, so I’m going to ignore her.

A part of me does wonder if I was petty though. It p**ses me off when she tells me what to do, so maybe that is clouding my judgement.


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