This is just my humble opinion, but a double wedding sounds like a TERRIBLE idea.

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AITA for saying I will never do a double wedding with my sister?

“I got engaged in 2018. I am getting married later this year. We have pretty much everything planned. My sister (a year younger than me) got engaged last year and announced her wedding day as the same as mine a while ago. All our cousins said they would go to my wedding.

This led to her and my parents reaching out after being low contact with them for years (will explain more in just a sec) and saying we should do a double wedding and she won’t miss out. I found it such a ridiculous request and said so and told them I would never do a double wedding with her. They act like I was sooo rude.

BG: Sister has always been an attention hog. Our parents encouraged it. But she’s also the mean girl. When we were kids the adults really loved her and thought she was such a perfect girl but to me, to our cousins, she was awful. She was a bully. A few times she would actively tell me when she was planning to take attention from me on my birthday or my graduation.

She was like that with our cousins as well. Sometimes it was getting attention on her and getting whoever’s birthday it was in trouble. She made up so many lies about us. So I ended up low contact with them (her and my parents) as adults. I know from my cousins she hasn’t changed at all. Last time I saw her was before Covid and she tried to say I stole her food.

So I said what I said when asked to do the double wedding and the flying monkeys have started coming for me, in the form of aunts and uncles, who think I’m selfish for refusing. They say I might have had the date first but I could accommodate since my sister is always left out by me and my cousins. I was accused of being a bully for saying I would never do a double wedding with her the way I did. They said it was so nasty.


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