Some folks like to make absolutely EVERYTHING in life a competition…even grieving.

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AITA for telling my cousin this isn’t a grief competition and she should understand that, after she went off at me?

“I had a miscarriage last year which was the worst moment of my life, and it took a big hit in our relationship.

Me and my husband’s divorce just got finalized last month and it’s honestly a different type of pain, but I thankfully have wonderful friends and family who’ve been supporting me all the way.

We had Christmas dinner with family. A lot of my relatives kept checking in with me, asking if I was doing okay and bringing me food. I felt really loved and it was pretty fun overall, and took my mind off everything for a bit.

My cousin A’s fiance recently passed. She was at dinner, but wasn’t talking much and mostly kept to herself. I saw her getting soda, so I asked if she could bring me one as well.

That didn’t go well. A got upset and started going off at me, why she should have to bring me things and I can get my own. I told her it’s completely fine if she doesn’t, I just asked since she was already there and she’s making a big deal.

A looked like she was about to cry, and kept going off about how I expected everyone to “fawn” over me and no one cares about her and her fiance.

I told A we’re all doing our best. I’m sorry if she feels that way but this isn’t a grief competition, and she should understand that.

A few people overheard us, but the conversation changed and it wasn’t a huge issue. A’s sister messaged me later that what I said to A is “awful” and we’re all awful to her.

I told my best friend what happened and she suggested I post on here for opinions. I didn’t think this was such a big deal, but A thought otherwise.

Was I the a**hole here?”

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