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AITA for selling shared items my roommate and I use, but I own?

“For some context, I need to break my current lease about 3 months early. My roommate has known about this for 5-6 months, as my fiancé and I need to move to a new state. When my fiancé and I started planning this, I told my roommate immediately, giving him about 5-6 months of notice.

He asked what I planned on doing with all the items I brought in, I informed him that I planned on selling them, this includes the washer and dryer (our unit didn’t come with any), dining room table, 2 couches, a recliner, TV, tv stand, and media shelf.

He had asked if I could leave some of the stuff with him, I offered to sell them to him, but he protested saying that isn’t fair. I bought these items myself, not asking for any money from my past or current roommates to split them.

Fast forward to now, I posted everything up for sale and items are gaining traction and selling quickly. The first things to go were the washer and dryer. When my roommate saw they were gone he got upset again, asking “What the F**k am I supposed to do?” I told him he could buy the other items if he would like, and reminded him I told him I was going to sell everything when the move came closer. He again thinks I should just leave them for free.

A new layer is that his mom has messaged me on Facebook asking what I’m doing and asking if I can leave stuff for him. Keep in mind my roommate is a 27 year old man. I was polite and told her that I gave her son about 5-6 months of notice, and that prior to my move my intention was to sell everything I brought in, but I did give him first bids privileges, that he denied.

AITA for selling shared items my roommate and I use, but I own?”

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