When you gotta go, you gotta go

That goes for a lot of things in life, including when you have to move out of a certain living situation.

And this young man moved out of his parents’ house because they expected him to take care of his little brothers.

Is he an a**hole?

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AITA for moving out because my parents expect me to help take care of my little brothers?

“My (18M) parents decided to have their kids in sets. There’s me and my sister (16F) and our younger brothers (3, 6 months). They had me at 20, and I guess decided they wanted more. My older brother is a good kid but him and the baby are a lot to handle obviously. This is where my current issue comes into play.

Our parents told my sister and I once mom was pregnant with the youngest, that they wanted us to help more with taking care of them. Fair enough we both figured, but since then it’s been a lot. Once we got back from school, we’d basically be babysitting our older brother until my parents got back from work or whatever else they were doing, then we had no time for anything besides homework before bed.

This was most weekdays keep in mind. My entire senior year my sister and I were basically free babysitters, we could never do anything because we always had to help with the kids. When the youngest was born it got even worse.

Mom was right back to work, and both our parents work like 60 hours a week, so we would basically switch to childcare duty as soon as school was done until someone got home around dinner. My sister likes to joke that she’s had the teen mom experience, and I’m done.

I told our parents that I know taking care of my brothers is a condition of living here, so I’m out. In a week two friends and I are going to split a one bedroom dump. I work part time and that can be full time, I’m taking trade classes that I can take loans out for, I can do it.

The issue is everyone is p**sed. My sister is p**sed because she’ll have to do more, parents are p**sed because sister is p**sed at them, and so on. Now I feel like I’m being selfish to do this.”

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