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AITA for asking my girlfriend to pay rent on a house I am going to buy?

“My girlfriend and I have been together for 3 years and have been living together in a rental for 1 year now. We have always been a “we have our own money” kind of couple, but have always had a joint account that we both put money into to pay for groceries, rent, electricity etc.

Prior to living with her I lived with my parents for a while and I was working full time so I managed to save up quite a lot of money, she is the complete opposite where if she gets money she spends it. I recently decided that I am going to put my savings into a house and move into there. All of the money going into the house will be mine and none of it will be hers.

When we spoke about it I said to her that when we moved into the house, I would like her to pay rent. She claimed that if we were to move in as a couple that she would not pay rent because she wouldn’t be renting a place, she would be living in my house with me.

I said that she would need to still pay half of the mortgage payments, but it would be no different to her paying rent to any other place we were living in, only at the end of the day, the house would completely be under my name.

Basically I want her to pay rent to live in my place, she doesn’t think she should have too. AITA?”

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Another Reddit user said this is no different from paying rent somewhere else, so what’s the big deal?

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And this Reddit user agreed and said he’s NTA and this arrangement is reasonable.

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