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AITA for not telling my wife where her son is/has been hiding?

“Just for clarification, I’ve been with my wife for 5 years (married for 4.5) i have a daughter, ma and my wife have two kids together and she has Leo (16M) who she was adamant that i would not parent when we got together, i was fine with that since his dad is still in his life.

Leo and his mother don’t get on, never have, arguments happen often and he tries to ignore her. it’s just him, none of our other kids. I’ve tried to talk to her about it but she just says that he’s not my son. 2 years ago I had to get my daughter’s toy form the roof of our house and found him sat up there in a spot you could not see from the ground, listening to music and reading a book. He looked scared when I saw him. I just gave him a smile, then threw the toy down to my daughter.

A couple days later we were the only ones home and he came to me to talk about it. I told him that i get why he needs some time to himself, what he is doing will not damage the roof and there is no way for him to fall off the roof where he sits or the path he takes to get there (out his window) also its not like he is sneaking up there to drink or smoke. Plus my wife has said not to parent him, so i don’t have an issue with it and i won’t say anything.

I did say something to him when i noticed he started bringing a boy up there. I just told him to make sure he is quiet when talking and to not do anything stupid. There have been times where his mother needed him, couldn’t find him and would just assume he was out, but I knew he wasn’t but again I didn’t say anything.

Fast forward to now about a week ago my wife installed a tracker app on all our kids’ phones due to it getting darker in the afternoon/when they are out. Plus one of her friends recently did the same with her kids.

Well today she was looking for Leo and couldn’t find him. Assuming he was out she checked his location and he was in the house, she started searching and yelling for him. He heard and quickly climbed down the outside of the house to the drive, he then walks in the house and pretends that he was just out with some friends and got back and that i knew he was out (i cover for him sometimes).

Well even though it is actually completely plausible that it would show his location as in the house if he was just walking up to it she wasn’t convinced and came to me, demanding to know where Leo, i said that he told me that he had been out with friends but i just saw him walk up the driveway (both true).

She clearly wasn’t happy about my answer and has been threatening more surveillance and grounding Leo and she’s also saying im TA for not telling her. i didn’t think i was in the wrong but after thinking it over while i was just trying to look out for Leo i did overstep her boundaries as a parent, so AITA?”

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