I don’t know if you should EVER say anything like this to ANYONE, but sometimes things get heated…

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AITA for telling my sister she would have been an awful mother?

“I (33M) am a single foster dad to Andrew (7M). I started fostering him during covid and hope to adopt him as soon as possible.

My parents love my kid and they babysit every chance they get, my brother and SIL also watch him a lot (they have 3 kids and they are great friends with Andrew). My sister had many miscarriages throughout the years, the last one was just weeks ago.

My sister loved Andrew at the beginning. Then he started showing interest in ballet, dresses, pink clothes, barbie dolls etc, all your usual “girl stuff”. I’m fine with it, he is a child that is inventing his identity, and social gender norms are ridiculous anyway. He is also letting his hair grow long and it grew over his shoulders already.

My sister strongly disapproves of me letting my son be whoever he is. She always buys him “boys” clothes and toys, which he doesn’t like so he never uses it. I have told her repeatedly to either buy him things he likes or simply buy him nothing.

The other day she was watching him and when I came over to pick him up (my sister lives at my parents’) he was dressed in boys clothes and his hair was cut (very short). I asked him what happened and he said that auntie took him to the hairdresser and shopping for appropriate clothes. He started crying when he told me.

I lost it and asked my sister what the F is wrong with her. I told my son to go wait in the car and then I told my sister that she is never watching him again. She said that she just wants what’s best for him. I told her he is MY child, not hers, and I’m the one to decide what he needs and what he gets. She said I am a horrible father and I replied “you would have been an AWFUL mother!”.

Sister cried, my mom said I didn’t need to be that mean, and my dad said my sister was out of line doing that to my kid. Some of my friends said I was an AH for saying that so soon after she lost her baby.

AITA here?”

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