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AITA for not giving my cousin my grandma’s house after she passed?

“I’m a 27 year old male and my grandmother passed recently.

In her will she left me her 4 bedroom 2 bath house. Now before my grandmother passed she was in danger of losing the house because of unpaid taxes. She asked various family members for help but none did. I was in college at the time and I had a huge student refund.

She asked me for $1,500 to settle the debt. She said thank you and we never talked about it again. I didn’t want my granny to be homeless after all. That was about 8 years ago. Fast forward to today and I’m now the owner of a house in the heart of Atlanta.

Prime real estate If I do say so myself. I plan on moving in at the end of the month before doing some light cleaning and renovation. Enter my cousin and her kids.

She is upset with me because I got the house. She said because I don’t have any kids I should give her the house because I’m her eyes I got the house for free. I thought she was crazy but a lot of our family is on her side. Stating that it’s hard out here for a single mother.

They told me I can buy a house one day because I am a able bodied young man. It will be harder for her because she has two kids. I’m like she chose to have those kids and that isn’t my problem. Everyone is calling me selfish and hell maybe I am but my grandmother wanted me to have the house.

Am I the A**hole?

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