Every once in a while, for some bizarre reason, someone latches on to you in a store because they believe you work there and they are entitled to your help and (all of) your patience. It’s like we have a neon sign above our heads flashing INFORMATION HERE.

Most of the time, we can set aside our irritability and get the needy so-and-so on their way so we can get our own business done. But sometimes, we have our hands full or we’re running on limited time. And, then gloriously, an opportunity appears to let this other person know, yes, they are being jerks.

Here is one mom’s story about how she was able to shake off one of these leeches and embarrass her at the same time.

Are you deaf? Um…..
byu/dtlove87 inIDontWorkHereLady

Basically, Mom had her two small children with her on an errand to buy work party supplies. For some reason, this woman begins demanding her help. She even complains about her to a real employee and then rudely asks if she’s deaf! Then, she gets a brilliant idea and I don’t think this woman will ever ask anyone if they’re deaf again.

How this woman made it to adulthood without someone knocking more sense into her I don’t know. But it happens and I hope after this lesson, this particular lady takes a long look inside herself and makes some changes.

Redditors shared their own stories of using sign language…

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Or their deaf mothers…

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Or deaf coworkers…

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It’s actually brilliant, award-winning work…

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And last, but not least… you can do this with pregnancy too…

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We need more nice people in the world and less self-entitlement, agreed?

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