If your kids are constantly on their devices, squinting at tiny screens and ignoring everyone around them, you might have a problem brewing.

Too much screen time for children can contribute to behavioral problems and loss of social skills, among other risks.

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Mom blogger, Molly DeFrank knew about the risks, but she was also concerned about their overall lack of engagement with life around them.

It was time, she thought, for a screen detox. She wrote on her blog:

“I knew screens were having a negative impact on my kids, even though we only allowed an hour a day.

One day when I got home after running errands, my kindergartener greeted me at the door with, “Can I play on your phone?” Nope. That was the last straw.

My husband and I decided that we needed a course correction, ASAP.”

She posted the results on their family screen detox on her Facebook page. “We did not stage this photo,” she captioned the image of her family reading together.

“Months ago we removed screen time from our kids. Why?

Because my precious babies were acting like demogorgons.

And Mama don’t play.”

Before the detox was imposed, the kids were allowed one hour on their devices per day. Not too terrible, but it was enough to bring on the negative consequences.

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“The screens apparently muted their creativity, caused grumpiness, fighting and whining.

I was not into it.

So we pulled the plug, literally.”

After a short protest, DeFrank was surprised at what happened next.

“Seriously, it was like I had my kids back.

I watched my kids go from screen-dependent to cooperatively playing, creating and even making their own ‘school.’

I couldn’t believe how easy it was.”

The detox was only meant to last 30 days. But the screenless regimen completely changed their family. Books, art and playing outside are now the kids’ preferred entertainment.

DeFrank hopes that by writing about her success with her family’s screen detox, she will inspire others to finally dump their devices.