As a parent, part of your job is looking at your kids’ wonky drawings and lying about how great and realistic they look. You might even keep some of those wonky drawings forever out of sheer love and appreciation.

But one mom on Reddit really went above and beyond. She not only saved the portrait that her daughter drew about 10 years ago, but she recreated her own makeup to look just like the drawing. The results are spot-on!

The girl’s portrait of the mom includes five large eyelashes on each eye, thick messy red lips, outlined eyebrows, and bright yellow hair. Oh, and bags underneath the eyes. The mom’s recreation really highlights the eyelashes, lipstick, and eyebrows.

Check it out…

My kid did this portrait of me over 10 years ago. I still look the same, IMO.
byu/10fletcher infunny

As you can see, the mom even framed the portrait — she writes in the comments of the post that it’s the “most priceless masterpiece I own.” As for the makeup, she used eyeliner for the eyelashes, painted over her eyebrows in white, and liberally applied red lipstick.

The one detail she missed? The three rows of teeth that are inexplicably in her daughter’s drawing.

This child-portrait-come-to-life would be a bit frightening to come across in real life — one Redditor said “it’s like the Joker was a soccer mom.”

But it’s an impressively accurate recreation, and it shows just how truly endless a mom’s love is!