There are way, way too many things that would have been great to know about having kids before I actually brought one home. Like, I’ve already forgotten most of the things that came as like, minor shocks in those first couple of months.

I mean, I’ve already forgotten the first couple of months, to be honest.

This mom has her stuff together, though, and she’s using her experiences to help other moms who are just wading into the waters for the first time – and here are 15 of her top hacks she’d love to pass on.

15. Bahaha we’ve got you now!

You should even be able to keep the baby Houdinis wrapped up for awhile.

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14. You can help them help themselves.

And that’s just a win for everyone, if you ask me.

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13. This hack changed my life.

Those teething months are some rough ones.

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12. Those diaper bags are like a purse.

The bigger they are, the more junked-up they get.

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11. Teaching manners…

All while helping your floors stay a little bit cleaner.

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10. We can all use an extra hand now and then.

Get them to be a little independent a little earlier!

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9. Those little Velcro circles have so many uses.

Seriously, you won’t be sorry if you have them in a drawer.

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8. Wait, does that really work?

I don’t have to buy toddler shirts anymore?!

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7. Another thing that’s great to have on hand.

We use them to cover our sandbox in the summer, too.

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6. My kids would just want to eat them.

I guess they can once they thaw out.

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5. You have to protect yourself.

And your surfaces.

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4. This is a great idea.

And pretty easy to bring along – win!

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3. You’ve gotta trick those little boogers.

Don’t worry, they won’t remember the betrayal.

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2. I am going to have to try this.

Bonus, no siblings squirting each other in the eye.

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1. And they’ll think they’re playing makeup!

So they might even sit still for a short amount of time.

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Anyone who is about to have a baby, take note – you’re going to want to remember these, whether it’s your first time or just your first time in awhile.

What did you learn about taking care of kids way too late? If it’s not on this list, hit us with more hacks in the comments!