It’s no secret that my generation’s experience has been quite a bit different from that of our parents, but I don’t know if we take the time to fully appreciate that enough. The extent to which we live in different worlds is really astounding, and as with all things borderline unfathomable, it’s truly best expressed with a meme format.

Consider this timeline of contrasting lives, won’t you?

10. The early twenties

You really gotta consider those big life decisions carefully.

9. Moving on up

If they didn’t come here so I could fry things then what was even the point?

8. The food of life

“Let’s have married.” is how I plan on proposing someday.

7. Saving grace

What the crap is retirement?

6. Playing the market

Just roll the dice and kinda hope for the best, I guess.

5. Meme culture

No one can tell me what I need to value most in this life.

4. Role reversal

First of all, I’m baby, so write that down.

3. Vibe check

You can’t be too careful when it comes to relationships.

2. End game

My plans mostly involve which thing I’m going to watch next.

1. Building a family

Soon my battle station will be quite operational.

We may not have been dealt the best hand, but at least we’re good at making memes. And in the end, isn’t that what truly matters?

What’s the biggest difference between you and your parents?

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