It’s easy to fall into the trap of identifying some bygone era as “the good ol’ days.” 

But it’s important to remember that that classification is entirely subjective. Often the times we yearn for seem simpler just because we were younger and had fewer responsibilities – or maybe we just lived in a bit of a bubble.

There’s certainly never been a time when everything was great for everyone. But knowing that doesn’t seem to stop us pining over the little fixtures of our past, because dang it, there’s just something so comforting about them.

15. Look it up!

I myself barely remember this – by the time I was learning how to navigate a library the lookups were mostly computerized.

Who remembers looking through the card catalog to find a book? from nostalgia

14. That’s entertainment

Dust-collecting machines, these bad boys were.

Entertainment cabinets, the click sound it would make after closing from nostalgia

13. Absolute legends

How to build, how to paint, how to read, how to be yourself.

Legends of PBS from nostalgia

12. Some serious dedication

The haphazard stickers all around are a nice touch.

Remade my room from the 90s in a 3D-software, as I remembered it. from nostalgia

11. Take it away, the paper

Practicing cursive on these made you feel so sophisticated.

Elementary School Paper from nostalgia

10. Wild in the sheets

How could you even sleep surrounded by all that excitement?

Visiting home and Mom busts out my sheets from 1986 from nostalgia

9. See deese?

We all nearly died a hundred times trying to flip through these in the passenger seat while driving.

CD Wallets… I know they’re still around, but 90s nostalgia. from nostalgia

8. The glamour of Hollywood

I don’t know if these carpets were meant to distract from stains or just make you dizzy or what.

90’s movie theaters ?? from nostalgia

7. Fancy feasts

Looking this up right now, these little cakes cos like five bucks. Back then they were maybe $2.
Don’t be fooled by the fanciness of ads.

Viennetta, the ice cream that I knew my family couldn’t afford from nostalgia

6. Jonathan Hyde

He can’t hyde from us much longer.

Actor Jonathan Hyde, a staple of fun 90s movies (Pictured: Richie Rich, Jumanji, Titanic, and The Mummy) from nostalgia

5. Fisher Price kids

So fascinating and so boring at the same time.

Fisher Price Farm from nostalgia

4. Master splinter

Looking coozier than ever.

? sweater my grandma sewed for me in the early 90s from nostalgia

3. Make it a Blockbuster night

I had the pleasure of working there just before they closed down.

I truly miss rental stores from nostalgia

2. Cut the cord

I’m just now realizing how much work it would take to explain this to a Zennial.

Anyone else want to bring back kitchen phones with the 10 ft cord? from nostalgia

1. Animation takeover

It was truly a renaissance.

I miss this Cartoon Network from nostalgia

Maybe those were the good ol’ days after all.

What are you most nostalgic for right now?

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