Life can change in an instant

And that’s not always a good thing.

And today we’re going to hear from folks on AskReddit about how people they know ruined their lives in one day.

Take a look at their stories.


“Two brothers at my school.

Cleaning the g**s and fooling around. One brother put the g** to his brothers head and pulled the trigger.

The kid d**d. No jail or anything but he was not ever right. Awful tragedy.”

Off to prison.

“30+ year district renowned high school band director retires from teaching.

High end retirement party with a good amount of past students and colleagues celebrating his career. Daughter just had her first child. He’s seemingly a happy grandfather with a happy marriage and happy life

One year later he gets caught talking to a 13 year old girl who turned out to be law enforcement undercover.

The next 20 years in federal prison.”

Lost it all.

“Old coworker went to Vegas, felt really good about his odds due to the liquor and ended up betting his entire life savings on roulette and lost.

He ended up losing his house, his wife, kids, and from what I’ve seen he lives in a tiny apartment and works a min wage job.”

Say no to drugs.

“My cousin got back into drugs, after having his life together and doing well for a long time.

He started losing his s**t. Apparently he had some underlying schizophrenia they think the drug use brought out. He took a rifle to a store parking lot and shot a guy, ran over his body then had a police standoff.

Said he shot the president or some crazy shit like that. Needless to say he ruined his life, took another and destroyed another family in the process.”


“Knew a guy my freshman year of college. Easily the most socially awkward person I’ve ever met. Not necessarily a bad guy but a really weird one.

He was expelled for making a bomb threat. No idea what happened to him after that but I can’t imagine anything good.”


“Childhood friend who relapsed from a drug addiction. He ingested fentanyl.

D**d all alone in a filthy basement. He had been looking healthier, we reconnected and he was planning his life going forward sober.

That hurt a lot, that hope being taken away in a few minutes. F**k opiates, fentanyl and those who deal it. Too many lives lost everyday.”


“My boss had his dream job – sports editor of the local paper – a nice family and a young daughter.

He called one day to say he wasn’t coming into work. Turns out he was busted trying to meet up with a girl he met online for s**. Girl was actually a cop.”


“Guy from my high school got d**nk and stoned and swerved off the rode, driving his car into an 8 year old girl, k**ling her.

She was leaving a pajama party, walking in someone’s front yard while holding hands with her mom. The mom lived.

The guy got like 5 years house arrest or something (which is such bulls**t), so he’s free now but his reputation and name are forever ruined.”

That’s depressing.

“Guy I want to high school with was diagnosed with testicular cancer when we were about 25.

For months, maybe years, I would see update posts about the progress he was making with treatment. Then one day he posted on Facebook that he was cancer free. The next day he was d**d.

He’d gone out that night and got absolutely wasted, fell down a flight of concrete steps outside his flat in the early hours of the morning and by the time he was found in the morning he was gone.”

A story about Dad.

“My dad used a dirty needle while doing drugs and got HIV.

In 2008 he told us he was living with AIDS because of that one day. We have helped pay for the meds or his bills(because he paid for his meds and didn’t have the money) ever since.

Last summer he got Covid and when the doc was talking to my sister on the phone she asked what special treatment he would need to have due to having aids.

His doctor of 20 years said, “what? He doesn’t have aids”. We haven’t talked to him since.”

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