We’ve all had those days. Those days where the day is hardly even a day yet, but we can still look it straight in the day eye and say, “Hey. Day. I know you’re gonna suck.”

And then it just spits in your face or whatever, because you were right.

What’s a “Today is going to suck” red flag?
byu/redmambo_no6 inAskReddit

So what signs should we be on the lookout for? Let’s draw from the experience of Reddit to find out.

1. Insomnia.

You have been in bed for 3+ hours and still are not asleep

– rsdpaikouhjtgea

2. Surprise!

Your boss decides to hold an unannounced staff meeting.

– P*ssOnYou79

3. Getting stopped.

When you get all the red lights on your commute as they turn red

– coreynj2461

4. Ding dong.

Hearing your work email ding on your phone before the alarm goes off… and there are 5 or 6 responses dinging quickly after.

– EvictYou

5. The morning ambush.

For me, it’s hearing my name being called the exact moment I open, or even touch, my bedroom door.

I call it “the morning ambush”, and it’s never a good sign.

– Etriax

6. So much abuse.

Period hitting without any warnings, getting yelled at, countless errands popping out of nowhere.

– blue_chopsticks

7. That stings.

Cut yourself under your nose while shaving

– irishamerican

8. Bad kitty.

The cat sh*tting on the floor even though she has a PERFECTLY fine litter box to use

– KittenMeRightMeow6

9. Don’t sweat it.

Learning on the news or a weather app that it’s gonna be really hot.

– MoonWarriorAutumn

10. TP emergency.

Running out of toilet paper while taking a morning sh*t.

– NurMangelnHier

11. What a morning.

Finding out the milk has gone off AFTER you have taken a swig of coffee.

Then when you get dressed, you find that the ‘clean’ blouse isn’t actually clean because the grease stain didn’t come out. And all your other shirts are waiting to be washed so you will have to attend that meeting with a very obvious stain right on the boob area.

And then your umbrella breaks on the way to work. And your car is in the garage being fixed and you don’t live on a bus route, so you have to walk.

At this point I’d call in sick and just go back to bed.

– Welshgirlie2

12. Too cool for school.

Waking up to 20 degrees with 30mph wind, plus drizzling rain, when you’ve got to drive 100 miles to a jobsite by 7am.

– Cordero_Biggs

13. Thanks, mom.

When your mom wakes you up with an attitude yelling about something you didn’t do or claiming you did something you didn’t.

You’re supposed always start the day off with a smile but getting yelled at isn’t smile material to me :/

– Babyface1959

14. Staying in the loop.

Getting your belt loop caught on a door handle…

– Casualit

15. All of it.

Waking up.

– ActuallyWorthless

I’d add to that list any time I wake up thinking it’s one day, then realizing it’s a different one. Always a bad omen.

What would you add?

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