You gotta be careful out there in the streets, my friends.

Because, even though I believe that people are inherently good, there are bad apples out there that are looking to rip you off in any way they can.

So street smarts are important!

Check out what AskReddit users had to say about this.

Don’t do it!

“I had a dude try to stop me on my bike only to ask me if I “want to play a game?”

Absolutely f**king not. I’m riding my bike and it’s a nice bike.

I’d like to keep it and keep riding it. I didn’t even respond. Creeped me out though.”


“Look like you know where you’re going.

100% this. I’ve walked at night through everywhere ranging from Romani neighborhoods in Istanbul to the Tenderloin in SF and I just really make sure I walk with the air of ‘I am coming home from work and I h**e my job’. I’ve never had a single person stop me or bother me.

Walk with the determination and pace of someone who is really over this s**t.”


“If you think you’re being followed, never go straight home.

I have heard of being told to make 4 consecutive same-direction turns (if driving).

If they’re still behind you they’re following you.”

Keep your eyes open.

“Look with your peripheral vision.

Watch people in reflections of storefronts or windows whenever you can.

Sometimes remaining still and small and uninteresting is better than calling attention to yourself because you’ve gotten spooked and are trying to scurry away.”

Bad move.

“Don’t flash your money in public.

The amount of older people I see come in to our shop and go to pay cash and just get out a wad of money just to hand me a fiver is ridiculous.

Like why do you need that amount of money on you.. and people wonder why they get robbed.”

Do as the locals do.

“If you are in another country & the locals are running, you run too.

One example is Indonesia and the tsunami in 2004.”

Keep your guard up.

“If someone arguing with you is standing close to you and they look away from you, you are about to get sucker punched.”

As simple as that.

“Watch your back and mind your own business.

This is 90% of it.

Growing up in the hood you learn the best defense is to just shut your mouth but also don’t take any s**t.”

Just get away.

“If you find yourself in a street fight the point isn’t to win, but to escape.

It only takes one nasty fall on concrete to f**k up your entire life.

Do whatever it takes to get out.”

Trust your gut.

“Know when to leave.

Is friend getting too drunk? Leave. Is the room getting too crowded? Leave. Are you feeling too intoxicated? Leave.

Someone bothering you too much? Leave. Anything that doesn’t feel right, just leave.”

Know your rights.

“Never consent to a police search of your vehicle or your home.

If they have to get a warrant, they are much more limited in where they can search and what they can take as evidence.

Giving them consent to go on a fishing expedition can only hurt you. Don’t do it.”


“No matter how well you think you fight, you NEVER know if the other guy has a knife.

Being stabbed is indescribable. The pain lasts for weeks and you can still feel it in the cold months later.

Walking away, or running away is always your best form of self defence. Some may call you a coward. I’d rather be a coward and smart than d**d and stupid.”

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