Let’s face it: there are some jobs out there that are just plain ridiculous!

And today, those professions are going to be put on blast by the fine folks on AskReddit.

Let’s see what they had to say about this!

1. Wow.

“A former coworker of mine who is 48 years old is dating a 19 year old life coach who specializes in helping Tiktok dancers.”

2. Weird.

“Once worked at a company where they had social media officers, whose jobs were to go through instagram and like and comment on photos of hot people.

They earned more than I did (no idea how).”

3. Sketchy.

“Anyone in the private US health insurance industry.

They SUBTRACT value, make everyone miserable, k**l some subset of people who can’t afford their “service” every year, and get paid a metric ton of money to do it.”

4. Interesting.

“TV ad sales.

Far overpaid, it’s more of an exclusive club.

Ad buyers too, just funneling corporate money into executive suites, box offices etc.”

5. What?!?!

“22 year old fresh graduates presented as management consultants.

So how many successful businesses have you managed at 22 years old while at university?”

6. Up you go!

“At the Edinburgh Zoo, the penguins will track the planes as they pass overhead and fall in their backs.

They employ someone to right the penguins when this happens.”

7. What do you think?

“Scrum masters.

It’s basically a certificate saying you have been in a meeting.”

8. I’ve heard this…


Chiropracty was literally invented by a guy who said he restored a deaf man’s hearing by popping his back. He also said that he discovered the practice because a ghost told him about it. I’ll admit that I gave it a try. Went to a chiro for a year because I was desperate to fix my lower back pain.

Went in with an open mind. Dude told me he could cure the common cold and practiced on literal infants. Needless to say, my back pain only got worse over time. Stopped wasting my money on that bs and went to an actual physical therapist and am now doing better.”

9. The middlemen.


Companies in every industry that somehow still exist I feel like most of these companies were once useful but now that no one needs to physically interact with customers or paperwork are completely purposeless.”

10. What’s the point?

“Title agencies.

Why do I need a third party to say that the house I bought is mine when the city or state can do it and I pay all the taxes to it?”

11. Hypocritical.


Most professional “Ethicists” I’ve seen are unusually hypocritical, are generally hired to provide cover for corporations doing unethical things, pretend they’re independent neutral actors while actually having massive conflicts of interest, and relentlessly promote the interests of their own identity group while claiming to preach non-bias.”

12. Thank you!

“Being an influencer.

I would like to get influenced by people who are awesome at art, music, poetry, or some genuine talent not by people hungry for attention, doing fake reviews or being a nuisance to the public in public.”

13. Yup.

“Critics, especially music critics, also movie and food critics.

Most people spend money to buy music, see movies, and eat at restaurants, and can just go online and share their experiences and opinions about any of those things, and not get paid for any of it.

Critics get paid to go do things that people usually pay to go do, and they act like experts in fields they actually have no skills or talents in themselves. I’d rather hear about a new album or restaurant via word of mouth by regular people than some pretentious critic.”

14. This is good.

“The late anthropologist David Graber wrote a book about bulls**t professions, called, well, Bullshit Jobs.

He put them into 5 categories:

-flunkies, who serve to make their superiors feel important (Receptionists, Administrative Assistants, Store Greeters, Doormen)

-goons, who act to harm or deceive others on behalf of their employer, or to prevent other goons from doing so, (Lobbyists, corporate lawyers, telemarketers and PR specialists)

-duct tapers, who temporarily fix problems that could be fixed permanently. (Programmers that fix shit code that should be rewritten but for some reason hasn’t, airline baggage clerks that try and assuage angry passengers that their luggage hasn’t arrived)

-box tickers, who’s jobs are mostly looking like they’re doing important work, but in reality isn’t. (In house magazine journalists, survey admins, corporate compliance officers)

-Taskmasters, people who create jobs for people who don’t need them (Middle managers, leadership professionals).”

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