We all have certain things that we feel insecure about.

It might be your looks, your weight, your clothes, etc.

That’s just a part of life that we all deal with on some level, but as you get older, you realize that worrying about that kind of stuff (or any kind of stuff, really) is pretty much a waste of time.

AskReddit users talked about what we need to stop making people feel insecure about.

1. Work it out.

“Mental health struggles.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with taking time to figure out what process works for you, despite why people around you might want to tell you.”

2. Have a good time.

“Everything that doesn’t harm others but makes the person happy.

Be silly, enjoy yourself.

Make snow angels in the rain, I dont care.”

3. Just fine the way you are.

“Being short.

It’s amazing that it’s socially acceptable to make fun of a short male like everyone is in on the joke.

Those same people would never make fun of someone to their face who is obese or has a birth defect or acne, etc, but being short is obviously something a person has no control over.”

4. All jobs are important.

“Your job.

Too many people are elitist about someone’s occupation and look down on essential workers.”

5. It’s a public service.

“Buying condoms.

Please, it’s really important.”

6. Not a choice.

“Being poor

It’s not a choice, I am doing the best I can and just because I receive food stamps or any other type of assistance doesn’t make me a POS.

I see a lot of hate for poor people, like we are supposed to fit this stereotype with dirt on our face and stained up clothes.

It isn’t so far fetched to think my ‘designer’ clothes come from a thrift store, my nails are press on from the dollar store and my iphone is so old it still has a headphone jack.”

7. Everyone’s on their own path.

“Where you should be success-wise at a certain age. I’m 23, graduated college, but couldn’t get a job in my field right after graduating.

I’m living with my parents to save money on rent, working at a restaurant, and growing my skills that I learned from college, while working on myself. I’m severely insecure and realized recently that for the past ten years, I have been constantly striving for a level of perfection that is absolutely impossible and calling myself a failure for it.

I woke up to the realization that I was getting serious anxiety and was limiting everything I did. It’s just that I’m not exactly ready for the world of adults. I’m terrified and unsure and it doesn’t help hearing people despair over how they “ruined their lives” when they aren’t that old.

The pressure to get somewhere in two years demotivates me sometimes. It’s something I’m fixing, but I don’t like hearing people force time limits on others and reprimand them if they never fulfill it or haven’t.

I saw a post here about a few days ago asking 25-year-olds how they screwed up in their lives (or something along those lines) as if 25 is the deadline for achievements.

It’s good to have deadlines, but everybody grows at their own pace and has roadblocks in their lives that slow them down. Heck, the human brain apparently doesn’t stop developing at 25 and grows even after 60 years old. Some people genuinely do try but get so discouraged that they give up and then get ridiculed for not doing anything.

I only learned recently that my 30-year-old cousin just got over a terrible drug addiction that cost his job and almost his livelihood for years. But he got out, finished college, and is a changed man getting better jobs and doing better.

There’s always time.”

8. Let it all out.

“Being an emotional male.

Of course there’s times where you just can’t be, but generally I think that it should be okay without being called a p*ssy.”

9. Live your life.

“This is more for the United States I think from what I’ve read, but: taking your vacation days/taking off work.

Corporate America makes people feel like they shouldn’t be taking vacation days or can’t take off. I know personally at my job, people take vacation days and still email/work all day long!!!

We get vacation days for a reason and don’t owe our companies anything, so they shouldn’t make us feel insecure about taking them when we want and need to.”

10. Lone wolf.

“Not wanting to have a lover.

I personally don’t care for a love life (I believe the term for this is “aromantic”) but I haven’t told anyone because I feel like the response I’ll get will be along the lines of “you haven’t found the right one” or “aromantic/as*xual people don’t exist”.”

11. Words to live by.


Mind your own business and don’t be a d*ck.”

12. BS.

“Not associating with a toxic family or family member.

The “blood is thicker than water” thing is BS.

Some families are abusive, manipulative, neglectful, etc. If you choose not to have them in your life, that’s perfectly ok.”

Okay, now it’s your turn.

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