Let me ask you a question: if you had a co-worker who asked you to cover for them on your day off, would you do it?

Would you do it even if you really wanted to play a video game?

I guess it depends, right?

And today, our job is to figure out if this person acted like an a**hole when they wouldn’t give up their day off.

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AITA for not giving my co-worker my day off because I want to play a video game?

“Okay, so anyone in the video game world knows that next week the new Legend of Zelda game comes out after like 5+ years of waiting.

I’m a massive fan. When the release date was revealed I immediately requested PTO for that date as I plan on staying home that day and enjoying the new game. What I didn’t realize was that the day I asked off for is the Friday before Mother’s Day.

My company has had to limit the requests off for that date now as many people have been asking off for it. I had previously told some of my coworkers I was planning on staying home to play the game, and I guess word got around because one of my other coworkers asked me after work to give her my PTO so she can travel for mother’s day.

I explained to her that i requested this day off months ago for a specific reason and I really wasn’t willing to change it. She got pretty upset with me claiming I care more about video games than family and whatnot. I honestly don’t really care about her not being able to travel because I feel like if this was an important date then you would have requested off early, like I did.

Anyways I firmly told her no, but she told some of my other co workers and they are pi**ed at me and calling me an A hole for not giving up the date. AITA?”

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One person said they’re NTA and the co-worker should have planned better.

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Another reader said they’re NTA and the person had advanced knowledge of this.

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And one individual agreed and said the co-worker didn’t plan well.

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