The singer Pink shaved her head! She shared her new look with an Instagram photo and it looks so beautifully bold.

Pink has always been a bit rebellious with her personal style—she’s not your “typical” pop singer, rocking bright-colored short hair and tattoos before it was as normalized as it is now.

Over the years, Pink has rocked everything from dreadlocks to mohawks. One of her most signature looks is a short spiky cut.

But sometimes, having short hair doesn’t do and you just gotta cut it ALL off. And that’s exactly what Pink did this month.

In an Instagram photo, Pink shows off her new cut and holds her shorn hair in her hands (it’s not a lot of hair, because her hair wasn’t that long to begin with).

Her caption was simply, “Letting Go.”


Her post was met with cheers of admiration, support, and approval. Her husband Carey Hart commented “Love it!!!!!!!!!”

Actress Selma Blair, who also rocks the no-hair look these days, commented “Twins!!!!” Fellow actress Kate Hudson called the look “The most liberating!” Hudson wore a buzz cut in 2017.

While Pink is still active in the music scene, she’s also got other ventures going on. She and Carey have been married for almost 14 years, and they share two children, Willow and Jameson, together.


And her kids have followed in her footsteps. Daughter Willow shaved the side of her hair off in September.


Maybe she’ll follow in her mom’s footsteps one day and cut the rest off!

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