If you previously asked someone to be in your wedding party and then you go back on that request, something bad obviously must have happened, right?

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AITA for asking my cousin to step down as bridesmaid?

“Me and my fiance Jack (29F and 38M) are getting married in a couple of months. I have 6 bridesmaids, including Jack’s sister Mary and my cousin Cassie (25F).

Jack has another sister, Anne (31 F) who wasn’t invited to the wedding originally because of some family issues – this conflict has now been resolved and we later gave Anne a invite. Now, I initially planned to ask both Mary and Anne if they wanted to be bridesmaids, but obviously because of the issue with Anne I didn’t end up asking her.

Anne is now saying that she should be a bridesmaid as well, and while it’s a bit last minute, I do think she should be bridesmaid since I was originally going to ask her anyway.

I still only want 6 bridesmaids, so I asked Cassie if she would step down so Anne could be in it. I told her I knew it was unexpected, we would compensate for her dress that has already been ordered and she was still invited as a regular guest.

Cassie seemed confused and asked why I had asked her to be bridesmaid to begin with, to which i explained the scenario with Anne and that she deserves the spot more. Cassie eventually agreed – I thought that was the end of that, but some of my other bridesmaids said that I was being unfair to Cassie by ‘kicking her out’ and that I should apologize to her.

I got mad at that because I didn’t think I did anything wrong, perhaps not ideal but not wrong so i called Cassie and asked if she’d been badmouthing me to the other girls. She replied that she ‘just said the truth’ about me ‘kicking’ her out, to which I said that it wasn’t her place to say it and I would’ve told them.

Cassie argued that they had a right to know, I said that she was acting privileged and it isn’t her right to be my bridesmaid. Jack and his family think I did the right thing by standing my ground, but my mom gave me s**t for being harsh to Cassie, AITA?

The reason I asked Cassie specifically to step down is because she was my last choice for bridesmaid anyway when I didn’t ask Anne, and I’ve had some issues with her before.”

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