Well, at least my kid DIDN’T GET EXPELLED!


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AITA for bringing up her daughter getting expelled?

“This might be a little controversial idk but basically my sister buys her kids (3 boys under 10) whatever they want.

But get this, they aren’t spoiled brats. She’s taught them manners, how privileged they are, etc and will absolutely discipline them if they misbehave but she has never said no to buying them a toy or anything unless it was harmful or whatever else.

She thinks that if she can afford it, there is no reason to say no (again, unless it’s dangerous or inappropriate).

The boys also have a room stocked with toys. It’s actually pretty cool. They have their own rooms as well but that play room goes hard. I’m saying this as a 22 year old woman.

My sister’s SIL isn’t a huge fan of this. She thinks that my sister is spoiling them and that even if it isn’t showing now, it’s bound to make them misbehave in some way soon enough. My sister tells her SIL to mind her own.

I’m on my sister’s side simply because I know her. She’s a wonderful mother and teacher. Her SIL’s just jealous because of how close my sister is to her kids because one thing about those boys-they love their mommy!

Her SIL’s relationship with her kids is complicated.

Anyways, my sister hosted a girls night with me, our sisters and her SILs. Her husband was out and her kids were in bed. We were having a good time when that SIL left to use the washroom. All of a sudden, we heard a loud crash coming from the play room.

My sister almost had a heart attack thinking one of her boys snuck into the room and got hurt. Nope, it was just her SIL.

She was basically trying to take some of the toys and had put a couple in her bag. My sister was just shocked and asked if she was being serious. Her SIL just shrugged and said they have too many toys and “the toys will probably be better off with less privileged kids”.

My sister told her to get the f**k out but she kept arguing saying that she’s raising spoilt and entitled boys and that she’s scared for the future generation.

My sister was about to lose it so I cut in and said that she should be concerned for her own kids considering her eldest just got expelled for bullying.

It went quiet and she started crying. She called me a b**ch and said she was only trying to help and I had no right to bring up her daughter. She insisted that her daughter getting expelled has nothing to do with the situation and I was just trying to insult her.

She did leave though. The rest of us helped clean up but one of SIL’s sisters said that I shouldn’t have brought up her kids. I called her to talk but she hasn’t answered.


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