I think I might be in the minority, but I don’t ever really notice if people are wearing wedding rings.

But a lot of other folks out there sure do!

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AITA for not wearing a wedding ring and making my coworker think I’m single?

“I F30 started working at a company recently.

I get along with most of my coworkers but been having some issues with this guy “Morgan”. Morgan from what I understand is what everyone call “the handsome” guy in the office. He dated 2 of his coworkers and hit on several others. He seemed friendly when we talked, he seemed respectable and never asked questions outside of work.

He offered to buy me lunch and internet and kept sending me funny memes and stuff. It was nice but felt a bit too much so I asked that he stop and he did.

He started sending me pics of him that were inappropriate. I texted him saying that I’m married and he was being inappropriate. He texted saying I was lying about being married to get him off my back, then went on about how nice and attractive he is, and how I’m trying to act like I don’t like him to get him to try harder.

I felt frustrated especially after he kept sending me pics. Days ago he sent me a d&ck pic and told me to “suck it”. I decided to let my husband deal with it. He sent him a text back saying “sorry bud, small objects are a chocking hazard for her”. Then blocked him.

The other day he came into the office looking furious and “confronted” me about being misleading by not having a wedding ring on when I’m married. I said I didn’t need to prove anything to anybody and didn’t lead anyone on. He said he was trying to get close to me and I should’ve told him I’m married from the get go.

I said I was sorry but he maybe he shouldn’t have basically tried to enforce a relationship with anyone regradless if they’re in a relationship or not. He said that my husband and I were rude and offensive then rushed out. Other coworkers said Morgan was an a**hole but I too bare the blame for having my wedding ring on and being somewhat misleading.

I said I don’t think I owe anyone an explanation and refused to apologize for what happened just to keep the peace in the office.

AITA really for not wearing my wedding ring?”

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