People sure are getting fired up these days about gender…and I mean pretty much EVERYTHING ABOUT IT.

And here we have a story from a young woman who is wrapped up in a little bit of drama with her friends about gender-related issues.

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AITA for telling my friends to stop saying I’m non-binary?

“I’m a 19 cis female.

I’ve had the same circle of friends throughout high school, and they’re all pretty friendly and mostly LGBTQ+. I’m bi and I don’t really like to talk about it much, and they usually respect it, but they all had official “coming outs” over the past few months.

One of my friends is trans, one of them is also bis**ual, but they both started asking me what I was exactly, since I’d made blatant comments that I was part of the LGBTQ+ (but wouldn’t specify what because I cannot come out right now safely).

That’s when they started ‘assuming’ what I was. They made comments that because I liked to dress in a masculine way (and a few years ago cut my hair super short) that I must be non-binary. I told them I wasn’t.

They kept insisting that I must be, and even would start using “they/them” pronouns for me. I h**ed it. No disrespect toward non-binary persons, but I am not one of them.

I finally told them to stop calling me nonbinary and that I was a female person. They said I was an AH for not telling them what I was and that they’d keep guessing until they nailed it.


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