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AITA for wanting to sue my husband’s sister for losing my 2k camera at the beach?

“My 26f sister-in-law 20f moved in with me and my husband weeks ago cause of problems with her boyfriend. She isn’t planning on going back til he apologize even though she broke his Xbox device in an argument.

I’m a blogger, I have small space in our apartment sort of like my office but very small where I work for hours. Sister-in-law always enters the room and take stuff and not return them resulting in me replacing them til I got a lock.

She was going to the beach with some friends to let off some steam and asked if she could borrow my 2k video camera to record the trip but I declined and explained that I was working in the weekend and would need it.

I got done with my project & left my camera at the desk. When I woke up the next day at 9am and had a shower then breakfast, I entered my office and didn’t find my camera. I freaked out and my husband told me to calm down cause his sister took it with her to the beach. He assured me it was in safe hands but I kept worrying about it and was upset by the fact she took it and he gave her the key.

She got back at 7pm & was pi**ed talking about getting in fight with her boyfriend after seeing him with someone at the beach and it ruined her day. She started crying loudly and cussing him out. I asked for my camera back she said she didn’t have it.

She left angry after the encounter and forgot her sunglasses, cream, hat and my camera at the beach. her friend “Aiden” picked some of the stuff and brought it back but the camera apparently got stolen, I started yelling calling her irresponsible and reckless and this was 2k camera she left behind.

She started apologizing then tried to blame it on her now ex boyfriend for getting her into a fight with the girl he was with. I said I need the camera for my work and she had to replace it like yesterday.

My husband got involved and said it wasn’t her fault it got stolen and suggested I get a cheaper camera from Amazon for now til I can afford to buy new one. I said what?!?! why should I buy a replacement when it was his sister who lost it? She took it without permission and was responsible for whatever happened afterwards.

He tried to make excuses for her being an emotional mess. I said I have no problem suing her he asked if I was serious and I said yes because I’ve worked hard to get this camera and my work’s always been known to be of high quality so for him to suggest a cheap cam from amazon was offensive.

He said he was just trying to help fix the problem but I said he was just helping his sister avoid responsibility.

Both him and his sister aren’t speaking to me anymore so suddenly claiming they’re giving me time to calm down where in fact they’re cold shouldering me making me feel guilty for saying that

. I’m not sure if doing this will be morally the fought thing since she’s family as my husband says. AITA?”

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