I can totally see both sides of the story you’re about to read.

I’ve definitely been on the side of the teenager whose parents won’t let them go to the party and now that I’m older, I totally get the parents being concerned about their kid’s safety and not wanting them to go…

So is this mom acting like an a**hole for not letting her daughter go to a party?

Read her story below and see what you think.

AITA for not letting my teenager go to a party she has been excited about for weeks?

“There is party that my 17 has been excited about going to a Christmas party for weeks. One of her good friends is throwing it. She is very responsible. I trust she won’t drink and will be home by curfew.

The parents will be home as well. The issue that comes in we are going to get bad weather. Ice and snow during the night. She does not have a lot of experience driving in snowy/icy weather since she got her license in the summer. Her father and I don’t feel comfortable having one of her first solo driving experiences in icy/snowy weather be at night.

Her friends parents don’t want any one staying the night. My husband is an EMT and will be on duty. He has stated multiple times when the weather snowy and icy it is safer for everyone if people who don’t need to be out driving stay off the roads. We told her it would be safer if she stayed home and she would have other parties.

She is mad and not speaking to me right now. She yelled that I broke my promise and how I say a person word is everything and to not promise something if you don’t mean it and that very AH.”

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