The last presidential election is finally behind us (kind of) but the fine folks at Twitter are still being bombarded on a daily basis by misinformation and baseless claims about all kinds of things…what a world we live in…

So, Twitter came up with a tag that they slap on tweets that have no evidence to back them up and the tag says that “this claim is disputed.”

Naturally, people who use Twitter have jumped on this bandwagon and created all kinds of hilarious tweets using that language to make jokes about a variety of stuff.

And we love it!

Let’s take a look and see what kind of funny business they’ve come up with.

1. Sure, you didn’t…

We all saw you do it!

2. Not quite at that level yet.

But you’re getting there!

3. This is a LIE.

And don’t try to bring that in here again.


4. You don’t seem sorry about it.

I’ve used this one before…

5. Are you sure it’s flawless.

Your editor might have some things to say about this.

6. We’ll see about that.

I have a feeling you’ll be back in the game soon.

7. I don’t believe you!

And neither does your teacher.


8. Are you sure about that?

We need to get to the bottom of this one.

9. Those were all disputed.

It wasn’t me!

10. I’ve heard this one before.

Doesn’t really seem to be the truth, though…

Okay, now we want to hear from you.

In the comments, please share some funny stuff that you’ve seen on social media lately.

We want memes, tweets, jokes, etc! Thanks a lot, amigos!