Who out there doesn’t love an awkward text exchange?

I guess I should clarify that and say that I meant awkward text exchanges that didn’t happen to YOU.

There, that’s better!

And I’m with you, because I love them, too, friends!

Now that we have that all cleared up, go ahead and laugh at these funny and awkward text exchanges…that didn’t happen to you…

1. This one escalated quickly.

And it really went off the rails!

Bruh Moment from sadcringe

2. No…not what I meant.

I got really confused reading this…

3. You can’t jump to conclusions!

Haven’t you learned that by now?!?!

4. Blew up right in your face, didn’t it?

Sorry about what transpired there…

And that’s the story of why I don’t talk to anyone from sadcringe

5. This person seems a little bit stuck-up, huh?

I’m not into you! Don’t worry about it!

I have a boyfriend from texts

6. No moms out there should be messing around with this.

It’s a terrible idea! Trust me!

My mom discovered her Droid has voice texting from funny

7. I guess Dad didn’t mean it…

Sorry to hear that…

Oof…Love you too, Dad from oldpeoplefacebook

8. Dad is really on the cutting edge with memes.

Actually, on second thought…is that even a meme?

texting with Dad from oldpeoplefacebook

9. I don’t think that posts get much better than this.

I dare you to find a better one!

Your address, Mark from facepalm

10. Hahahaha. This is amazing.

I’m sure he’s a great guy…

Never assume from sadcringe

11. You guys speak each other’s language.

I can just tell…

12. Well, this is pretty awkward.

Forget what I just said, okay?

I hope this hasn’t been posted here yet… from sadcringe

What do you think is the most awkward text you’ve ever received?

Talk to us in the comments and let us know!

And share some screenshots if you got ’em!

Thanks a million, my friends!