Yesterday I was driving home from the grocery store and some car came out of nowhere and cut me off.

I didn’t lose my cool or do anything stupid, but I have to say I’m tired of terrible drivers out there on the highways and byways.

And I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve ALMOST been in an accident over the past few years (knock on wood).

So listen, friends: keep your eyes peeled, keep your hands at ten o’clock and two o’clock, and try to avoid folks like these when you’re on the road.

Let’s take a look.

1. Takes a special person to do this.

Way to go, Mom!

My mom everyone
byu/Aeydeetea inIdiotsInCars

2. This is amazing.

I hope she can see…

Idiot of the week award goes to this lady
byu/lesstaller infacepalm

3. What an idiot.

I hope they threw the book at him.

Asshole drunk driver turned directly in front of my van. Tried to run and rev his engine but only succeeded in setting his car on fire. Also wasn’t wearing a seatbelt. Don’t drink and drive kids
byu/keepemseparated inIdiotsInCars

4. That doesn’t look safe.

Not at all…

Not the usual for this subreddit but an idiot in a car nevertheless
byu/Mtbguy56 inIdiotsInCars

5. That’s not a good look for either car.

I can’t tell is this is an accident or the truck is trying to help the Porsche…

Truck lifted too high to see the Porsche in front of him.
byu/AnynameIwant1 inIdiotsInCars

6. Drinking and driving is NOT cool.

Not even on a motorcyle.

This idiot didn’t even put a lime in his Corona.
byu/CasperFatone inIdiotsInCars

7. It’s gonna be a long day.

Okay, who’s in charge here?

These collective idiots making an illegal left and causing gridlock.
byu/arandomperson7 inIdiotsInCars

8. That’s gonna be expensive to fix.

Not a good day at work.

Our LT forgot to disengage the brakes for the water buffalo. Drove at least 10 miles with them engaged, not realizing the tire was on fire and the rim was being decimated.
byu/BatRevolutionary9183 inIdiotsInCars

9. What the hell happened here?!?!

This is pretty wild.

Drive Thru Dentist
byu/imaryanoceros inWTF

10. I’m surprised they made it 2 miles.

Good job, buddy!

So customer drove about 2 miles with it like this….
byu/tauriras6h inIdiotsInCars

11. Not a smart move.

Parents, don’t do this.

Father of the year has a ps4 setup in his car for his kids. Monitor is in front of the airbags.
byu/Tabasco661 inIdiotsInCars

12. Karma really does suck.

Where were you headed, sir?

Idiot didn’t want to wait in traffic and thought they’d take a shortcut and got stuck. Karma sucks!
byu/jcodydunn inIdiotsInCars

Now we want to hear from you.

Who’s the absolute worst driver you know?

And we hope it’s not you…

Talk to us in the comments and let us know!