People never cease to blow my mind…

I’ve said it before but it’s time to say it again…

And that’s not a good thing! At least not this time…

Because people can really be over the top as far as how they expect to be treated.

And you’re about to see some real sweethearts.

Take a look at these folks who are the definition of “entitled.”

And try not to get too upset, okay?

1. I have to sign a contract?

This does not seem like it’s worth it.

2. Let’s go ahead and upgrade.

For free…

3. This is epic.

At least they’re looking forward to seeing you again…

4. I’m not giving you s**t.

Everybody wants something for free…

5. Listen, I need free food AND I also need it delivered.

I love the intro…”Hi, sweet girl….” This is just weird.

What’s your worst experience with an entitled person?

6. I hope you didn’t budge, buddy.

This is incredibly rude.

7. Listen, I’m friends with the owner.

I want to hear more about this story…

8. I hope you didn’t write this person back.

Go get it fixed by someone else.

9. Get over it and mind your own business.

How does this affect your life? I’m genuinely confused.

10. The flowers weren’t good enough.

How dare you not send roses?!?!

11. I never give up the window. Ever!

Or the window…

12. It’s not paid…

Some people, I swear…

How did you handle their bulls**t?

Share your stories with us in the comments!

Let’s put these folks on blast!