I can’t imagine what women have to go through when they’re pregnant.

The emotions, the hormones, it must be a wild ride!

And if you’ve never heard the term “pregnancy brain” before, you’re about to get a big lesson in it!

Take a look at these posts that prove pregnancy brain is indeed a real thing.

1. Doesn’t look appetizing.

Just dump it out!

2. What am I looking at here?

Doesn’t look good!

3. Close enough…

Good grief…

4. Don’t look down.

Oh boy…

5. You can still eat it!

Don’t get too down on yourself.

6. Well, the holidays are ruined.

Look what you did!

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7. The keys needed to be chilled.

Whatever you say…

8. I think it went bad.

Do the smell test just to be sure.

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9. That’s where the butter goes, right?

I thought so…

10. Don’t even worry about it.

No one noticed…

Have you ever dealt with “pregnancy brain”?

If so, share your stories with us in the comments!

We can’t wait to hear from you!