A funny tweet is just like a fine wine…

It gets better with age.

The good ones are timeless and they leave a great taste in your mouth: what else can you really ask for?

Well, these tweets may be about different subjects, but they all have one thing in common: they’re hilarious!

So sit back, kick your feet up, and enjoy these tweets that we’re pretty sure will make you laugh your a**es off!

1. That’s not a good sign.

Might be time to find a new shrink.

2. What else is there to do?

Just sit and look out the window…

3. Most of it has been horrible so far.

Maybe he needs to chill out for a while.

4. How did that happen???

Who would’ve thought…?


5. Just don’t even look at the news anymore.

I can assure you that it’s all gonna be BAD.

6. That’s how it’s pronounced, right?

And that’s how it’s spelled…?

7. Wow! That’s fascinating!

Please, go on!

8. Didn’t see that coming.

But since you’re here, I’ll climb on next!

9. Let’s stay here for a while.

After the potato skins though, things are really gonna heat up.

10. This song sounds familiar…

Ice Ice Baby! Kind of…

11. Gave that coroner quite a scare.

He was asleep for THREE YEARS.

12. Got a little carried away.

You’re a WEAK, old baby…

Those funny tweets definitely hit the spot, don’t you think?

Now we want to hear from you!

In the comments, share some funny things you’ve seen online lately: a joke, a meme, a tweet, a photo. Anything that will make us laugh.

Please and thank you!