Alright, everyone, it’s time to take a look at even more hilarious tweets about that beautiful institution of marriage.

You know exactly what I’m talking about: that thing where you spend all your time and all your money with that one special person who just completes you in every possible way.

Okay…none of the above is really that accurate.

What I actually meant to say was that marriage is about bickering with your spouse for hours on end about doing the laundry, taking out the trash, and mowing the lawn.

Good times!

Are you ready to laugh at some very funny and very accurate marriage tweets

Let us begin…

1. What, that’s not okay?

At least you’ll be on a sugar high.

2. This is great!

You only have to deal with it for another 40 years.

3. I think I’m gonna be sick.

Annnnnnnd, I just threw up…

4. I love you, baby…

And these things really don’t taste good.

5. Hello? I’m right here!

You shouldn’t have said that out loud.

6. This is getting ugly.

The great Toilet Paper Wars of 2020.

7. Things are very tense in this household…

Gonna be a long summer!

8. That’s a real power move.

How did she let that one go?

9. Why do some people do this?

It’s like an addiction that can’t be cured.

10. She’s not gonna win this one.

You gotta do you, good sir.

11. A fun little game you like to play.

I find this rather infuriating.

12. Oh, nothing…

Meanwhile, you’re dying inside…

Ain’t life and marriage just grand?

Now we want to hear from all the readers out there.

In the comments, share something totally annoying or ridiculous that your spouse did lately.

Maybe they didn’t clean out the cat’s litter box for a month. Maybe they drove the minivan through the garage door on accident. It could be anything.

Give us all the dirt!