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Check out what happened and see if you think this person who works as a dog groomer went way too far when they took a client’s dog to a shelter.

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AITA for taking client’s dogs to the shelter?

“I work as a dog groomer and I am usually pretty flexible with pick up times. I have this one client though who has been getting later and later with pick up times and for the past three times they have shown up over an hour past closing time to pick up their dogs.

The first time they said it was because they forgot, the second time it was because of their kids and the third and undisclosed emergency. I let it slide all three times but the third time I warned them I wouldn’t let it go this next time. Well the fourth time rolled around and the shop closes, the dogs have been at the shop all day and the owner is nowhere in sight.

I sent them a message saying I will give them an extra 15 minutes before I leave and they didn’t respond. After 15 minutes I told them the dogs would be at the local shelter, sent the address and the contact details of the woman in charge and took the dogs there.

Well about 2 hours later I get an angry phone call this woman screaming down the phone because she has to pay to get her dogs back (I think it’s like $30) and she wants to know why I took them to a shelter claiming her dogs are traumatised and I must have a**sed them during their groom.

She slandered me over the internet and left bad reviews. I am not a pet sitter I gave her multiple chances but it seems like a lot of people are on her side.”

Here’s what Reddit users had to say.

One person said this woman was given three warnings so it was clearly her fault.

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And this Reddit user made a good point: OP is not a dog SITTER.

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Another individual said this person is NTA and what else are groomers supposed to do in a situation like this…?

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