Luu Vailuu knows he’s fabulous, he’s not afraid to show it, and now we have the proof.

Vailuu is a 23-year-old baggage handler for Hawaiian Airlines who obviously likes to have fun and entertain folks as they wait to take off. A lucky teenager named Tiffany Gataniss caught this footage of Vailuu from her plane as they waited to go airborne.

Here you go…and you’re welcome.


Another passenger also shot footage of Vailuu and his moves.

Vailuu said of his performance, “I had just finished loading the plane and it was my last plane before I got off. I was like, I might as well!” He added, “When I work out, I just practice it in the mirror at the gym. I wouldn’t have any shame!”

Vailuu was captured strutting his stuff a couple of months ago by another passenger as well.


Vailuu said he’s considering becoming a flight attendant. He said he’ll amp up the entertainment if he starts working on board: “I’ll be serving them drinks and entertainment!”

I hope he goes for it – I really do.