You gotta start treating your kids as adults (or something close to it) at some point, right?

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Take a look and see for yourself if you think this dad is babying his teenage daughter too much.

AITA for buying my daughter a better tasting toothpaste?

“OK, this is probably weird, but hear me out.

My wife discovered 1 week ago that my daughter (14F) had not been brushing her teeth. She went completely crazy, calling my daughter insane, unhygienic, stupid and germy, and my daughter started crying. She ran to me and I sat her down and waited for her to stop crying, then gently asked her what the issue was.

She replied that she couldn’t stand the taste and aftertaste of mint toothpaste. I said it was fine and bought her another one which was strawberry-flavored (?) and she’s happy now and brushing her teeth regularly.

Now for the TA part. My wife is now constantly accusing me of babying a teenager, that she’s too old for flavored toothpaste and that she was emotionally manipulating me. I was livid and told her to stick to our son (he has always been her favorite) and to leave our daughter to me.

She got very upset about that and won’t talk to me or my daughter now, which is also making my daughter upset because she has severe anxiety. I don’t want to apologize because there is no fault of mine, but I think I will because of my daughter.


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