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It’s a challenge to make sure your newborn baby is calm and happy, but Dr. Robert C. Hamilton, MD has figured out a way to help.

So why should you trust this guy? Well, Dr. Hamilton has helped many newborns and has perfected the best way to comfort them after vaccination… or anytime, really.

Check it out!

After all, if most adults have a hard time after getting a shot, it’s understandable that a newborn will have a tough time with this, right?

So how does Dr. Hamilton help newborns? He’s perfected what he calls “The Hold.”

Note: In the video, he explains that this best for infants between two and three months of age because they can become too heavy after this. Let’s break this down.

4. Secure The Baby

You do this by grabbing the child in the chest area.

3. Cross The Baby’s Arms

Cross the baby’s arm over each other and hold their arms in place with your least dominant hand.

2. Hold Their Bottom and Wiggle

Use your dominant hand to sustain the majority of the baby’s weight. Then you can can gently wiggle their bottom as you move the baby around. Rock the baby up and down, and side to side… always being extra gentle to make no sudden movements.

1. Maintain 45° Angle

This helps you better hold the baby and soothe them. And it makes them not have any fear of falling, which is one of the only innate fears all of us are born with. Your baby should feel comfortable soon after you follow these steps. Dr. Hamilton says that this won’t comfort every baby if they’re not feeling generally well, or if they’re hungry.

One more tip? He also recommends rolling your finger under the baby’s chin to better support the baby’s face.

What did you think of this pediatrician’s hack? If you know of any others, you can totally share them in the comments!