We don’t deserve dogs. They’ve been known to be awesome caretakers, make us smile, provide endless fodder for memes, and they even save lives!

Dalmatians tend to be trained to assist firefighters, and German Shepherds are known to be great assistants for police forces all over the country, and many dogs can be trained to be great service pets.

Of course, one adorable German Shepherd totally failed his exams.

Meet Ryker. This video captured all of his failures for our amusement.

Instead of helping his trainer in any of his tests, he just wanted to play and have fun!

Ryker shows us that even though he may not be able to help someone in need, he can help a lot of people laugh. The video went viral and several people had something to say.

One commenter said he’s still a very good boy.

Another Twitter user said the test was rigged!

Who puts a tennis ball near a dog without expecting them to flip out?

Of course, some people shared stories about other dogs who’ve totally failed at being service dogs, such as a potentially blind dog that was supposed to help a blind human!

Another dog couldn’t follow basic directions!

The training academy where Ryker is having a hard time as a student posted this video about his other activities. You know you want to take a peek!

Cheer up, Ryker! Despite your failure, the public loves you.

What did you think of this video and of Ryker’s behavior?

The comments section is ready for your thoughts on this adorable, but hectic, puppy.