I haven’t lived with roommates for quite some time, but I definitely remember having a few that pushed the boundaries as far as how often they had friends stopping by our place.

So I can sympathize with this young woman who wants to know if she was wrong for what she said to her roommate.

Take a look at what happened.

AITA for asking my roommate to stop having her sister over so often

“I (19f) rent a 4 bedroom house with 3 other girls, Alexa (26f), Taylor (23f) and Lauren (18f).

Alexa has a little sister, Ana (9). Ana’s mom drops her off to stay with Alexa at least 2 nights a week. Alexa’s room is in the basement and she basically has a separate apartment, so we don’t see her or Ana much when she visits.

I will admit that Alexa pays more rent for the basement apartment and pays extra utilities because the kid is here so often and she doesn’t have us babysit, except for Lauren but Lauren likes kids and gets paid.

The problem is, I didn’t sign up to live with a kid. If I would’ve known there was a kid here all the time, I wouldn’t have chosen to live here.

I talked to Alexa yesterday and I asked her to not have her sister over so often because none of us signed up to live with a 9 year old.

She said ana is very well behaved and that she keeps ana in her space so we don’t have to be around her.

I told her I know she keeps ana away from us but I still don’t want to live with a kid.

She asked me to drop this and said that Ana’s dad (they have different dads) is out of the picture and their mom is neglectful.

I said I feel bad for her but that’s still not my problem.

She and Lauren are mad at me and Taylor said I’m the only one that has a problem with the kid being here.

AITA for asking my roommate to not have her sister over so often?”

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