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AITA for assigning pronouns to my uncle?

“So this last week my parents called my husband (29M) and I (27F) to build their new shed.

We call it a shed, but in reality it’s one of those 30’ x 30’ metal barns that need to be held together by bolts and nuts, spray foamed on the inside, and then because my mom wanted siding on the front, they wanted our help building the garage and man door entrances out of wood.

They also invited my very conservative (we are Canadian not American) aunt and uncle.

It was decently hot during the week and we were all fairly cranky getting sunburn and working hard and my uncle (54M) was making little snips about how he h**es the new progressive millennials, and how he wouldn’t trust them to build anything.

Normally I can ignore him, but it had been 3 days at this point of ‘they cut off free speech’ and ‘the Americans are right!’ and ‘kids nowadays don’t have brains’ and I was hangry (no excuse I know) and sick of hearing him talk. He finally said during one of his many smoke breaks, “If someone has pronouns, I couldn’t even trust them to hand me a hammer.”

So I cut in pretty loudly from up on the scaffolding. “Uncle millennials are my age. And YOU have pronouns too. They are he/him. If YOU don’t know what pronouns are I don’t think we can trust you with reading the (construction) plans.”

He literally didn’t talk to me the rest of the week and my aunt said I was being a bit of a b**ch. My husband even said that I should have just ignored him, and my parents told me that they love me but I should have respected him because he was my uncle and not been so ‘modern’ around him and now I kinda feel bad because I do love him and I know he comes from a super redneck background.

So Reddit, AITA?”

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