I’ve never been married before but I have a hard time believing that I’d run a background check on someone I was about to (hopefully) spend the rest of my life with…

But I guess I shouldn’t say that unless I’ve been there, right?

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AITA for how I reacted after I found out my husband ran a secret background check on me before we got married?

“We’ve been married for 3 years and I only just found out recently that before we got married my husband ran a background check on me and my family.

I found out because we were on vacation with his family and they were doing things I had no interest in participating in a few times so I stayed behind. He let me borrow his laptop because I left mine at home.

I made a folder with my name and I was searching for it when I found another folder with my name. The folder was full of reports on me, my family (including extended family) and two of my childhood friends.

I read as much of the reports as I could before my husband and his family came home for the day. At first, I was just hurt he would do something like this without talking to me first but as I read more and started finding out things about my family and friends that I never even knew, I started to get angry. It’s hard to put it into words but I felt like I had gone cold all over but also like it wasn’t me reading these things.

So, when I saw my husband, I exploded on him in front of his family. At first, he tried to say it wasn’t a big deal and his cousin chimed in to say it was normal and he wasn’t the only one who had done it in their family.

When he saw I wasn’t calming down he tried to get me to go into our room so we could talk about it privately but I told him I wasn’t going anywhere with him and I was leaving. My husband told me to stay and he would sleep somewhere else or he would leave but we were staying in a house owned by his parents and it felt weird for me to stay and make him leave, especially since his family were there still too.

I ended up staying at a hotel for the night and we both flew home shortly after that cutting the vacation short.


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