Personally, I don’t know a lot of coffee drinkers out there who don’t take their coffee pretty seriously.

When it comes to those who are ultimately the most serious about their coffee – the caffeine, the flavor, the beans, the roast, all of it – you could argue that Italians are at the top of that list.

Those serious Italian coffee drinkers (not to be confused with us serious drinkers of Italian coffees) have noticed lately that it seems like countries everywhere are naming their own proprietary blends things that  kind-of-sort-of resemble Italian-sounding names…perhaps to fool people?

To make light of what could be a frustrating situation for some, Italian Gloria Capano created a “Fake Real Italian Coffee Name Generator”- or AI (Angered Italians) bot that generates exotic, Italian-sounding names for a simple cup of coffee.

Image Credit: Real Italian Coffee

Capano explains:

“Every year an increasing number of Italians are victim of the “Fake Italian Coffee Syndrome.”

If in the past, the phenomenon was circumscribed in North America and Switzerland, nowadays Italians can find coffee with fake Italian names everywhere, even in Italy.”

Image Credit: Real Italian Coffee

Capano says of the site:

“Luckily, the world does not care for Italians, and we can continue to create new coffees and name them with fake Italian words to give them that genuine authentic flavour we all love.”

Image Credit: Real Italian Coffee


Here’s another name.

Image Credit: Real Italian Coffee

And another…

Image Credit: Real Italian Coffee

And one more…

Image Credit: Real Italian Coffee

Okay, one more.

Image Credit: Real Italian Coffee

Be careful the next time you’re ordering some beans, grounds, or pods (heaven forbid!) online – what you’re grabbing might only sound Italian.

Though let’s be honest…most of us wouldn’t be able to tell a difference, anyway.