I can still picture it like it was yesterday…

When I was a little kid and we lived in suburban Chicago, our mom would pile us in the car and take us ice skating at a rink a few towns over and Wednesday nights.

And after the ice skating…it was time to hit Taco Bell.

Now, we didn’t eat out very often, so going to Taco Bell was a HUGE deal and an enormous treat. And I still like it!

The 1980s and 1990s were a great time for fast food restaurants and people took to Twitter to take about those glory days after posts about how Wendy’s used to have a yellow color scheme…and things took off from there.

Let’s take a look!

1. Burger King kid’s club!

That was some good stuff.

2. Those are pretty cool.

I wonder if they’re worth any money…


3. The ultimate birthday party location.

You know you remember it!

4. That plate is on fire.

Do you have any of these stored away somewhere?

5. I’ve never been to a Roy Rogers?

Am I missing out?

6. Shrek for the win!

I always loved the movie tie-ins at McDonald’s.

7. Going back to the ’70s.

A total nostalgia trip.

8. Whoa, I don’t remember these.

Gonna have to get on eBay tonight…

9. I remember them well.

They were quite tasty, as I recall.

10. Dine-in Pizza Hut was da bomb.

That salad bar? Woooo!

11. Those are some wild colors.

Totally ’90s, y’all!


What’s your favorite fast food joint?

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