I get really, really p**sed off when people talk trash or make comments about another person’s job.

Most people out there are working hard to make ends meet and whether you’re the CEO of a big company or the low person on the totem pole trying to work your way up, every job is important.

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AITA for verbally tearing apart my friend’s boyfriend after way too many attacks to my career, even if he has a good reason for it?

“First things first, I (25F) am a doctor, right know doing my residency in pediatrics. This is not the U.S.A, english is not my first language, and I am using a TA for privacy reasons.

One of my best friends, almost a brother, Kevan (26M) started dating Olaf (28M) 3 years ago. In general, Olaf is a good guy, or at least that’s what I have been told, because he has a “peculiar” character trait . He H**ES doctors. With all his soul.

Kevan told me this h**e started more or less 9 years ago, when Olaf lost his mother in a simple surgery due to a medical error. I honestly don’t know more details, but since then, Olaf h**es hospitals, doctors, etc. Luckily he is healthy and hasn’t needed any medical attention in recent years. The small health problems he has he solves with homeopathic medicine and traditional cures.

Because of this, Olaf is pretty cold towards me, and while I avoid talking about medical topics around him, if they come out it always ends in him making mean comments, one of the most common being: “western doctors are just licensed killers”. I want to believe I am a very patient person, but yeah, imagine how fun this pandemic was with him around.

And now, to the event in question. On sunday, my friend group, including Olaf, was hanging out in a cafe talking about life, when one of the girls ,Shila, got a text message. The next conversation ensued (more or less).

Shila: BadDoctress, my aunt is a little confused with her formula, here, can you tell me what this pills are?

Me: Sure, this is for …

Olaf: Puff, are you really asking her?!

Shila: Umm…yeah? She is a doctor

Olaf: You say that like it is something good

Me: Sorry?!

Kevan: Babe, you should not…

Olaf: Why not? They are useless. People will be healthier without them and their poisons. Look at me, I am perfectly fine and haven’t seen one in a decade. Is not my fault she choose to waste her life and be part of a murderous mafia.

I blew up. I will not even try to transcript all the things I said because most where insults, but I do remember the last part, which was, word by word:

“… I am sorry your mama died, but that’s not my fault , nor the fault of all the doctors in the world! And I am sure that if she had been in the care of the same type of imbecile that you are, she would not be more alive today!”

I was red, angry, and it was obvious most of the patrons at the place heard me. Olaf was dumbfounded, tears in his eyes. He suddenly got up and ran away, Kevan following behind. A waiter kindly asked the rest of us to pay and leave.

I haven’t heard from Kevan since then, he is leaving all my messages on seen. My friends say they understand that I was mad, but that I know his reason and that I went too far by striking that chord. Honestly, I don’t feel remorseful, but there is still anger in me so not the most impartial judge.

What do you guys think?”

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