Are there people out there who DON’T love Seinfeld? Actually, I know of one person who falls into this camp and it kind of blows my mind.

This woman hates the TV show SO much just because she can’t stand George Costanza. She said he reminds her of someone she knows in real life and she just can’t handle it.

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I, on the other hand, think George is one of the greatest TV characters of all time and I’m a huge fan of the show.

But, let’s get to the important story here.

A guy named Jon Lott found a DVD at a flea market and it turned out to be something very cool. Lott explained:

“2 years ago I found a DVD with 80 minutes of previously unseen Seinfeld bloopers. These are different from the official DVD bloopers, which are already on YouTube. This DVD was in a bootleg case with a bootleg design, and a simple unvarnished disc inside. I ripped the footage from the DVD and uploaded it raw to YouTube. Forgive the video quality; the DVD has low-grade video.

The DVD was produced in 2000, which makes me think it’s a bootleg of a blooper DVD made for the cast and crew of Seinfeld in 1998 or 1999, to be shared in the days before internet. There is nothing else on the disc.”

Photo Credit: NBC

What a find!

Here’s the video for your viewing pleasure!

I could watch those bloopers all day, friends!

How about you?

Are you a big Seinfeld fan?

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